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web based poet and rapper on soundcloud looking for feedback on his work.

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  1. Tell me the story of the boy who lived in hell

    Tell me the story of the boy who lived in hell
    Look into those old eyes…

    He’s older in his eyes than he should be
    But you’d never tell
    From what you see
    A old soul
    Atlas shoulders
    Holding up the world around him
    The ways of the world confound him
    People are colder than ice
    Slipping into personal vice
    Rolling gods dice
    To see whether they’ll die
    From drug taking
    Waking up inside their own nightmares
    Blank incoherent stares when you walk
    He tries to talk to say hello
    He cares more than they’ll ever know
    But Secrets graze his heart
    His words are picked and pulled apart
    By them
    Schizophrenic dreams
    Imagination out of control
    At least he has a soul
    and moral sense of conviction
    Rather a nihilistic addiction
    His motto strength through love
    Endurance another form
    Grasp the nettle like the life you given when you were born
    Life is a storm
    You cannot deny
    The real mistake is not to try…

  2. The White Rabbit Queen of dreams

    Somewhere sandwiched in between
    Lives the queen
    of the land of wishes and dreams
    Sunbeams fall thick and hot
    In that same land that time forgot.
    The key is a man who knows not
    But what he knows he hasn’t forgot
    an opening forms in his mind
    A doorway to another place
    Eyes light up his face.

    In this land the fairies dance
    To hypnotic beats
    and centaurs prance
    The nymphs bathe
    The sprites rave
    For they are hidden in paintings
    Illustrations that move
    In the corner of your eye you can almost see
    Them moving but you need the magic to believe
    They are doorways to other worlds
    Seen by many boys and girls
    They hid from us in art and paintings, long years
    and in the refracted light of artists tears
    Gives birth to unicorns without fears
    For they say authors artists and dreamers
    Are the subjects of the Queen of these worlds
    Sent by her into this mortal realm
    To create more doors and keys
    For these creatures to inhabit
    For she is the Queen and her symbol is the white Rabbit
    but she is never late
    For she can read the stars of fate.

  3. My words

  4. My new sounds:

  5. Belief makes magic

    Will this page die with me
    Never see the light of day
    Be buried with the Angels
    With all the words I meant to say
    I fought to understand
    Eternities plan
    Some people punctuate their lives with reason
    Logic and not love
    My motto has always been strength through love
    I wear my heart and my words on my sleeve
    and bleed them out
    Sleeping Angels, where are they buried?
    I was told today that where there is belief there is magic.
    Heaven is the land ahead…
    The universe is God and it’s not dead.

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  7. The curse of the dragons cave

    In the dragons cave filled with treasure
    with a warning you did not heed
    eyes of blue become green eyes with slits
    as the curse of the dragon hits.
    Your heartbeat racing
    faster than ever before
    sweat drips from every pore
    skin becoming scaly and green.
    Blackened claws burst through fingernails
    legs and arms flail about
    sickening crunches as bones grow and reform
    the storm the rage of fiery dragons breath
    forms in your lungs
    burning all things in your path
    as you exhale with a roar
    horns pierce through skin and scales
    break through your forehead
    your jaw breaks and moves forward
    into a reptile form
    teeth lengthen and grow sharp
    muscles expand and strengthen
    tendons stretch and lengthen
    nostrils flare
    caught within the glare
    of the mirror the witch put there
    in the dragons cave
    you won’t be a slave
    anymore as you seek vengeance
    from her and the other humans

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  9. Seeing Double (story)

    Seeing double story

    There was a young boy of three
    Who aimed to be
    The quickest tricycle rider
    But his trike hit the curb
    And his bike did swerve
    And he fell over in a heap
    He hurt his head badly and bled deep
    and sadly ended up in a hospital ward
    on a life support chord.
    A strange occurrence occurred
    As he cried out his words.
    He cried out to God to be saved
    Or the pavement would have been his grave
    God answered his plea
    But a strange thing happened to be
    as a miracle was set free
    For the nurses swore
    That when they opened the door
    That in that hospital bed
    there were two boys sometimes instead
    Or sometimes only one
    which was strange cause who was the other one?
    Daniel James Noble
    Saw double for days
    But he didn’t realise
    he’d split into two sometimes
    For that was day Ross became real
    Although Daniel didn’t feel
    any different.

    People didn’t understand Ross was a person too
    He grew out like peter pans shadow into a boy who looked exactly like Daniel
    and at 5 years old was completely different with his own personality.
    Sometimes Daniel would find things in his pockets he’d never picked up
    Sweets and toys and shiny cups
    things little boys liked but shouldn’t take
    He was getting a bad reputation he couldn’t shake
    Other little Boys would come to him too
    and talk about stealing and say it was your idea it’s what you want us to do
    Daniel began to fear that something was amiss.
    He just didn’t understand this.

    One day there was a thunderstorm and as Daniel was hiding under his covers
    He heard a voice as clear as his own it made him shudder
    Under the covers he was not alone
    For Ross had finally escaped as his twin not his clone
    He hit Daniel round the face and made him cry
    You big twirp he said now “I have no hiding place I have to fly”
    His face exactly like Daniels
    Now I am going run see later spaniel
    Laughing the boy ran through the front door slamming it as he went
    Daniel parents noticed and started to vent
    Crying Daniel screamed
    It was the boy from my dream!
    Ross ran out into the street
    as the rain turned to sleet
    and after a small time
    The police picked him up
    Warmed him up with a hot drinks cup
    But he wouldn’t tell them where he lived
    So they took him into care
    Ross was given up after a few months
    To a family with a mum who had a bump
    and a father who worked at a factory in the industrial estate
    Later fate chose Ross to have a sister called Kate
    Meanwhile Daniel was growing up fast
    Playing sonic on the mega drive
    While Ross was a bit on the naughty side he loved his sister Kate
    More than anyone
    and there was a change of fate
    Ross, Kate and their family
    Moved away from their hometown.

    Now, Ross grew up to be policeman and Daniel a soldier
    Kate a nurse when she was older
    However Daniel was casualty of war in Iraq
    scarred but with all limbs intact
    Just badly burnt with facial scarring
    and was cared for at Southampton General
    The hospital where Kate worked as a nurse
    Soon they both fell in love though it was against the rules
    But Ross was protective over his sister and used the police computer as his tool
    to investigate Daniel and remembered his clone
    and swore to bring an end to the relationship between Daniel and his sister
    For fear of secret being exposed
    and the threat Daniel posed to his family
    So Ross followed Daniel to his flat
    Knocked on the door with a harsh beat
    But Daniel being a soldier refused to give way and retreat
    When Ross threatened him
    Daniel then realised the man looked like him and went violently
    Into an attack,
    Ross fought back
    But Daniel grabbed a gun he had kept hidden away
    From his soldier days
    And Ross seeing what he was about to do
    Wrestled with Daniel through a door
    Onto the floor breaking things and smashing them as they went
    Then the Gun went off
    Ross coughed
    As blood fell from his lips
    and staggered and fell
    The police arrested Daniel and put him in a cell
    Left in his own personal hell
    Daniel went to prison
    The jury found him guilty of manslaughter
    Ross was dead
    But a pregnant Kate mourns Ross
    and wonders why it all happened

    I guess life can be a series of unfortunate events
    But good can always come even in a darkest moments
    For Kate’s child grew to be one of the wisest of children
    But that is another story…

  10. "Life is
    many moments

  11. The girl in the fire


    In the midst of midnight air
    Stood a man who didn’t care
    For he was a man who made worlds collide
    and every bit of earth bore his stride
    he was the key the door to realities thick,slick and uncertain
    beyond realities curtain
    However there was one thing he didn’t have and that was a wife

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  13. Pinup (the third position)

    Pin up(the third position)

    Eyes entice
    Body arched
    Forwards frame
    Lips pout rose red
    Tits out enough said
    Nails sharp
    Hands splayed
    Looks like she wants to get laid
    Glossy photo
    Lingerie tiny
    Shiny model
    Thighs open suggestive themes
    a wet dream
    And yet a beautiful taste
    Of something faked thousands of times
    Eros next to fight and flight
    The third position
    Never see the person only the sexy superstition
    Lust an animals predisposition
    All we want to hear is submission and moans
    Please let the man give you his bone
    Masterbation material
    Sex sells like cereal
    Serial self abuse
    Man let loose carnal pursuits
    His cavemen roots….