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web based poet and rapper on soundcloud with his own magazine poetic licence on magcloud!

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  1. Sophias tale

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  3. The word

    The son of a terrible war
    Seeks to open heavens door
    The word was it love or hope or faith?
    Was it a key to keep the angels safe?
    Through blind eternity heaven rises from ashes
    Terrible war the demon flashes
    Through light divine spark
    The bird of truth the sky lark
    Or is it the hawk the man who sees
    In the sky the freaks disease
    Who sees in the land of the blind?
    Time is despair the sun lights glare
    Will the portal work?
    To place we all want to go
    Or will rapture fracture the light that glows
    Only in unknowing we can know
    Only the morning star the son knows
    Throws the stars back into space
    Like the angels and flowing grace
    In a world at war we can only know peace
    Pieces of moments saved in time,
    love that great treasure
    Our reason our shine.

  4. "At the end of the day the king and the pawn go back to same box."

    Life teaches life preaches. Life stains freedom ,love is our pain Not necessarily our game You can’t have sunshine without the rain. Life make us brave or cowards Soldiers courageous can become brittle at points. Life never disappoints if you look hard enough there will always be a reason. We rise with ambitions promise. To be the king of our destiny However we are all human in our one box of humanity.
  5. Hello Ross

  6. The girl with many faces story

  7. The girl in the fire

    In the midst of midnight air
    Stood a man who didn’t care
    For he was a man who made worlds collide
    and every bit of earth bore his stride
    he was the key the door to realities thick,slick and uncertain
    beyond realities curtain
    However there was one thing he didn’t have and that was a wife
    to free him from his darkness his strife.
    He searched in coffee shops and bars
    he looked for answers in the stars
    til he found his equal
    A woman beyond others
    Sophia the girl in the fire
    The object of his desire
    Her wisdom burned bright forged in fires of eternal unrest
    With a beauty that cant be bested
    But his love for her was yet untested
    She told him to win her heart he’d have to become mortal
    and so would she.
    For in mortality you see there are lessons that can be learned
    her heart burned for him so much in the transition
    that it became a birth mark above her chest
    he would have to find her to pass the test
    However when they met for the first time
    She had met him in a timeline before
    She warned him of tragedies of a life if he stood alone
    a king with a crown but an empty throne
    Although he hadn’t put it together what she was meaning
    that without her he’d be dead
    but his mind had a needle but not a thread
    and although he had a good heart he was easily led
    so at 16 he lost his mind
    Believing in heavenly things
    Rather than science
    Which all people believed to be true
    Section under the mental health act 1983
    Seeing into the distant reality
    He saw a girl lost
    Her mascara ran down her face
    She was a girl who had lost her place
    In the scheme of life’s dream
    Her silence was a scream
    She told him things about his future
    But as he reached out for her she was taken away
    For she was his Sophia and they both were going to pay
    For in making themselves mortal
    Their only way out
    Was to marry or love without doubt
    He had many doubts
    That had found their way out
    And into his life
    While she was trying to save him through many lives lost
    He was struggling with his own
    Returning home from the mental hospital
    He was told his life was a lie
    He felt that the only way to heal was to cry
    and cry he did
    Amid his friends
    who lost patience with him in the end
    He could not pretend to be happy
    Everyday he looked for an answer to his unhappiness
    In fear there is no hope
    and he became broke
    Walking down the town he saw a girl
    She smiled
    Lit up his day
    So he asked her if it was ok
    To know her name she said it was Grace
    She said you should have a coffee round my place
    So he said yes and popped round there
    Soon after a few weeks he fell in love
    He felt like it was a answer from the gods of above
    But soon doubts crept into his head
    Whether he should settle down
    Or find a career instead or first
    He had made his life into a headache a curse
    And much more complicated than it should be
    So he broke up with her
    It felt like his spur
    To create the life he dreamed before it was too late
    So he had a car a house
    But no wife no spouse
    Meanwhile he missed Grace
    Missed her soft touch her face
    After years of working hard
    He found a woman crying in a builders yard
    He remembered who she was
    Cause of the birthmark above chest
    and the smile to which she was blessed
    Grace now old and heartbroken
    She told him she had many lovers since him
    But none who could match
    He still loved her
    So they went to hers
    But the electrics in the house caught fire there was a fault
    So they both awoke to the smell of burning
    He tried to get her out but the place was full of smoke
    Thick and dense
    But now a voice spoke
    I am the fire your heart lies with me
    Do you choose to be with Grace and love her avidly
    Or do you choose the path of fear
    To run away and leave her here with me
    Realising that Grace had passed out
    He lifted her over shoulder
    As the fire began to get worse he got her out
    But he collapsed a heart attack ripped through his chest
    He died they laid his body to rest
    But as he walked through the white door of life
    There stood Grace as Sophia his wife.
    Every time you doubted
    I lost you ,you see
    Every time your ran I loved thee
    For you have passed the test finally.

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