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  1. "Life is
    many moments

  2. The girl in the fire


    In the midst of midnight air
    Stood a man who didn’t care
    For he was a man who made worlds collide
    and every bit of earth bore his stride
    he was the key the door to realities thick,slick and uncertain
    beyond realities curtain
    However there was one thing he didn’t have and that was a wife

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  4. Pinup (the third position)

    Pin up(the third position)

    Eyes entice
    Body arched
    Forwards frame
    Lips pout rose red
    Tits out enough said
    Nails sharp
    Hands splayed
    Looks like she wants to get laid
    Glossy photo
    Lingerie tiny
    Shiny model
    Thighs open suggestive themes
    a wet dream
    And yet a beautiful taste
    Of something faked thousands of times
    Eros next to fight and flight
    The third position
    Never see the person only the sexy superstition
    Lust an animals predisposition
    All we want to hear is submission and moans
    Please let the man give you his bone
    Masterbation material
    Sex sells like cereal
    Serial self abuse
    Man let loose carnal pursuits
    His cavemen roots….

  5. Heaven is hope

    Heavens key
    Lies with hope
    I saw a pink flower
    Soft and beautiful
    Time eats away things like that
    But every springtime it forms anew

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  7. My poltergeist wife

    I saw her in pages torn
    Out of a book
    Saw her in the war that rages in my mind
    with the saddest of looks
    I saw her eternity my eternal spy
    I saw her and she started to cry
    I couldn’t find her

    She said she was lost
    Love planted bore the cost
    ‘twas midnight her moonlit presence
    Did speak I love you
    But I never saw her face
    before I had lost all hope.

    There was many messages She sent
    A child I never really met
    That never grasped my hand
    She said one day I would understand
    That all love never happens as planned

    My princess my poltergeist wife
    and my son one day I will meet
    With a love a fire that will never retreat.

  8. "Crying doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you care enough to have something to lose."

  9. Tease

    Oh we’ll time to get censored for risqué staunchly raunchy poetry


    Oh it’s not easy for you being a tease
    Sexual innuendos 
    Oh I long to be in your endo
    But you won’t give me a look 
    Let alone the time of day
    I pray to Eros
    The gods of erotic fan fiction
    Your anatomy is my addiction
    I long for a taste of your lips
    Hunger games begin awful quips
    Your sexy lingerie
    I want to know what turns you on
    So I we can get this started
    Lets get your legs parted!

    Everyone wants a slice of angry sex
    So pass me those black specs
    Those sunglasses 
    Life was made for girls who’s asses
    Who look good in thongs
    When you have permission to touch
    What could be wrong
    Crotch shots
    And cumquats
    Your my little fruit
    Toot toot
    On your nipples
    Ripples of love
    And lust
    Look at your ass a peach
    If you can’t reach
    To pinch pet or slap
    Your body so finely wrapped
    Enticing I need your icing
    Your cake
    Get over here for goodna sake!

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  11. Waiting for a change!

    Tick tock times tyranny shown on the wall
    Even skyscrapers will fall
    Even mountains will erode and become small
    A great man standing tall
    Will be shown up to be a fool in yesterday’s news
    Churches pews will filled up with the few
    People who cling to old views that they need to be saved
    By somebody else
    While that madmen realise that they have to save themselves
    While politicians talk peace and plan for war
    While the stock exchange is in crisis
    And god has run out of dice
    Good people are like mice
    They run away like refugees
    A man will be judged on his deeds
    Not on the words he says
    Modern times same old needs
    Get fed ,survive ,thrive and be happy
    Life is monotonous fading into routine
    A clean house that gleams
    Behind it can’t you hear the screams
    Of the daydreams of adventure
    and finding truth and being set free
    That were buried under the monotony

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  13. Idols

    Make your idols
    Gold bound diamond encrusted
    We are all miners
    Fake two timers
    Slaves to system and our muse
    This is the life I didn’t choose
    Bust of flesh ass of silver
    That slivers down your tongue
    Among your idols you will learn to regret
    And you’ll get stung
    This is the life of blood and tears
    while we get old
    Cold and live out our fears
    Our statues choose their own freedom
    Celebrities invariably do
    With their cash flowing
    Out of credit cards 
    That we sponsored
    We have chosen in a way to be the 99%
    Present tense poor.
    We whore our idols out 
    Feed their salaries
    But who rules who?
    For we whores for them also
    Even more so
    Desperately courting their attention 
    But they are our invention
    For they are just people with talent 
    Flawed just like us 
    But we have built them out of lies and lust
    But they are the new gods the statues we have built
    In Babylon in fallen Eden where our flowers wilt.

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  15. "Every nerve ending can burn with electricity
    Synchronicity ,we are one but many 
    The divine spark of the universe"